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All ages of Girl Scouts are welcome to spend the afternoon Create at least SWAPS with your troop or family prior to your visit to trade at the end. SWAPS are a Girl Scout tradition that has lasted throughout our entire history. They are meant to promote friendship between fellow Girl Scouts, especially when. Girl Scouts is an organization with a rich history of traditions. One of my personal favorites is the tradition of exchanging, “Special Whatchamacallits.

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SWAPS. minutes. It's a longtime Girl Scout tradition to exchange keepsakes — SWAPS — when meeting a new friend. SWAPS originated when Girl Scouts and. Daisy Pin Girl Scout SWAP Ideas · Open the pin so that you can slide the beads and the button around to the other side of the pin. · Bead your pin with beads and. Each one is a memory of a special event or Girl Scout Sister. See more ideas about girl scout swap, girl scouts, girl scout crafts.

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SWAPS are still the perfect way for Girl Scouts to meet each other and promote friendship. Each one is a memory of a special event or Girl Scout Sister. SWAPS. of results for "girl scout swaps". At that time a SWAP was a little remembrance that one Scout gave another. SWAPS are handmade, thus the girl is giving a part of herself to show friendship.