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Future proof your training today! Here are some of the types of course conversions we do: Convert off-line training to SCORM or Tin Can API (XAPI). MOT Concept to SCORM conversion from publication: Interfacing adaptive solutions with corporate training systems | Research report of the ProLearn Network. You can convert PPT into videos and run on your LMS, but it will lose all interactivity, so it is better to convert it into SCORM course or other compatible.

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The company behind the app envisioned a tool that allowed users to seamlessly convert the existing SCORM App from Flash AS2 to HTML5. ScormAppConversion vision. However after doing some research I'm wondering if converting a Google Slide to PPT would allow for conversion to a SCORM file. VITECO is an expert in conversion to SCORM format, the best interactive approach that involves learners through videos, slides and animations.

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iSpring Converter: iSpring is a PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion tool. · Lectora Integrator: Lectora is a paid course authoring tool that can convert Microsoft. ScormHero converts your PowerPoint or Video to SCORM easily and free. Create your E-Learning from PowerPoint and export to SCORM to publish in any LMS. Convert powerpoint to elearning or SCORM content with our powerpoint to SCORM conversion services. Place your order now.